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Video Surveillance


  • Airport Security
  • Sea Port Security 
  • Tunnel Security
  • Border Security
  • Plant Security





Some of the  surveillance solutions IDS can provide:

    • High quality intelligent video surveillance systems enable real time remote digital imagery, secure communications, and data transport to and from sensitive rail locations.
    • Fully scalable, reliable, and secure real time control and monitoring of electronic equipment via remote terminal unit collection and distribution of operational information to control centers, enabling remote supervision and maintenance.

Intelligent Video

IDS technology produces intelligent video solutions for high-security requirements. We combine video, intuitive software, data storage, and information technology using our proprietary digital video recorder and transmission server. We employ digital and analog cameras, multiple video transmission media (coaxial cable, fiber optic, LAN/WAN, wireless), video storage, and intelligent video software as required.

Some IDS intelligent video solutions:

  • Virtual Perimeter Breach Detection
  • Wrong Way Detection/Object Counting
  • Loitering Activity Detection
  • Traffic Congestion Detection
  • Multi-Camera Handoff
  • Programmable Sensor Behavioral Logic
  • Go To
  • Moving Object Detection
  • Object Detection/Classification
  • Automatic Object Detection
  • Left/Removed Object Detection
  • Remote 2
  • Fixed and Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Network Cameras
  • Customized, Intuitive Browser-based Video Monitoring
  • Intelligent Video Software
  • Video Over Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Remote Video Applications
  • Matrix Switchers and Video Management Software
  • Fiber Optic Cable and Modules
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • Video Integration for Security and Automation Systems
  • Facility wide intelligence and reporting
  • Video over IP
  • Production assets analysis
  • Automation and controls