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Fixed Networks

Our wireless solutions support carrier-class connections to meet all the requirements of fixed network service providers, such as telecommunications carriers, cable companies, ILEC/CLECs, Internet service providers (ISPs) and for new Tier 2 and 3 rural service providers planning to extend broadband to underserved markets with the benefit of new Government Stimulus funds.

Our products combine high reliability with a complete range of redundancy options, from simple standby to full equipment protection and resilient network architecture support, with no single points of failure.

Our broad portfolio of wireless transmission solutions support scalable TDM (PDH, SDH and SONET), alongside native transport of high speed Ethernet/IP. for short haul access, as an alternative to leased copper lines, and for metro and long distance trunking applications as an alternative to costly leasing or fiber deployments.

Our LTE portfolio, including all the elements necessary to plan, construct and deploy a broadband network, enables new operators to bring new services to communities where fiber or DSL cannot reach.