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Private & Enterprise

Our wireless transport solutions for private networks enable efficient, self-provided network connectivity without relying on expensive leased circuits or fiber and without high recurring operational costs.

Our microwave transport and LTE wireless solutions support voice, video and high-speed Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization. Our solutions deliver the flexibility to meet current and future needs with seamless, cost-effective upgrades as capacity demands increase.

For operators with existing legacy TDM transport networks, our Network Transition Unit (NTU) provides a simple, cost effective and low risk migration path to enable you to add Ethernet/IP transport to existing transmission systems, and then ultimately migrate to all-IP when you are ready.

In addition to serving a wide range of businesses, we provide mission-critical communications around the world for utilities and oil and gas installations. Our systems operate in the harshest and most challenging and extreme environments.

Whether you are building a state or nationwide network, or looking to deploy LTE solutions with high speed wireless backhaul for new Smart grids, IDS technology can help you all the way.