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LTE Networks

Building the 4 G Future

IDS Wireless Networks offers transformational 4G network solutions including end-to-end LTE access, IP backhaul and mobile IP core technologies and a portfolio of professional lifecycle services. This portfolio delivers an integrated and customized wireless network that allows operators to quickly and cost-effectively seize new market opportunities. This includes mobile operators looking to augment their average revenue per user with premium broadband subscribers and new operators planning to build a green field fixed or mobile broadband network.

All around the world, broadband service providers want to deploy or extend their network coverage to new markets to strengthen their competitive position or take advantage of new government stimulus funds to extend services to unserved or underserved communities. Our 4G/LTE network solution enables those operators to deploy broadband services today, maximize revenue and profits and provide solutions that will evolve in step with their future needs.

Unfortunately, many operators run the risk of “one size fits all” solutions that are often expensive and inflexible in the long run, leading to an inability to grow the existing network footprint and keep up with new service requirements. This approach also often includes “hidden cost” components due to discounted bundling provided by larger systems integrators.

Our 4G network solution includes best-of-breed elements such as re-validated tightly integrated components, a future-proof architecture and a powerful network management system, including field-proven and highly efficient IP backhaul. We help our customers at every stage of their network deployment—from business planning and alignment and network design and optimization to deployment to network maintenance and end-to-end managed services. Our 4G network solution delivers an integrated and customized wireless network that allows you to quickly and economically seize new market opportunities.