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New LTE Products

New LTE products

This Gateway provides an immediate solution to backhaul bottleneck challenges that face many mobile operators today.  One such challenge is struggling with the limitations in available backhaul frequencies.


The IDS ASN-GW plays the role of a gateway in networks.  It is designed as an end-to-end IP architecture.  It can be used for a number of applications, including final mile broadband connections, fixed and mobile cellular service, hotspots and cellular backhaul, and high-speed enterprise connectivity for business.

Standard for mobile wireless.  This standard is appealing to customers because it allows mass production of chipsets that reduce CPE costs, ensure multi-vendor interoperability, and reduce investment risk for operators. For new or small deployments addressing the fixed/nomadic markets.

All IP Trunking                                                  


The IDS 6000 is the first all IP trunking radio capable of supporting up to 4 giga bites/sec throughput of aggregate data.  It is designed for exceptional compactness for n+1 protection configurations with up to 16 RF channels in a single sub-rack chassis. The IDS 6000 is a network operator’s best choice for high trunking capacity for regional and national backbone links in place of fiber.

The iPECS is perfectly customizes for business from 2 to 20 users employing IP trunking. Any business using SIP trunk will benefit with the simple plug and play installation and highly reliable.

 LTE Subscriber Stations

The IDS 2100 Series of LTE Subscriber Stations provides optimal performance in line-of-sight (LOS), near-line-of-sight (NrLOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) applications and are fully compliant with the 802.16-2004 standards.  Intelligent antenna systems and advanced LTE features enable the IDS 2100 to provide market leading performance.  Two desktop versions, capable of nomadic mobility and handoff allow subscribers the flexibility and choices for broadband access.

 Wireless Services Gateway

The IDS Wireless Services Gateway (WSG) enables implementations access service network gateway functions for LTE packet switched services.  Used in conjunction with IDS’s broadband wireless access platform, the WSG is a critical component in our comprehensive end-to-end LTE broadband wireless network solution.

Multi-controller is fully adaptable to various traffic mixes and is extremely scalable with capacity of up to 35 Gbps.

Remote Radio Head for LTE Base Stations

IDS technology has developed a Remote Radio Head (RRH) used in cellular base stations for LTE service.  With this RRH, IDS has realized wireless output power of 80W at 2.1 GHz at a power consumption of less than 270W, thus achieving the industry’s highest class efficiency.