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  • Building the 4G Future

    IDS Wireless Networks offers transformational 4G network solutions including end-to-end LTE access, IP backhaul and mobile IP core technologies and a portfolio of professional lifecycle services. This portfolio delivers an integrated and customized wireless network that allows operators to quickly and cost-effectively seize new market opportunities.

  • Fixed Networks

    Our wireless solutions support carrier-class connections to meet all the requirements of fixed network service providers, such as telecommunications carriers, cable companies, ILEC/CLECs, Internet service providers (ISPs) and for new Tier 2 and 3 rural service providers planning to extend broadband to underserved markets with the benefit of new Government Stimulus funds.

  • Private & Enterprise

    Our wireless transport solutions for private networks enable efficient, self-provided network connectivity without relying on expensive leased circuits or fiber and without high recurring operational costs.

    Our microwave transport and LTE wireless solutions support voice, video and high-speed Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization.


LTE Networks

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